Searching For London Ontario Condos To Get The Right One

As another way of helping past clients, they said that learning about how they went about searching for London Ontario condos, helped them make  wise decisions and a good financial choice.

Would it be of benefit to you to if you could get what I call ‘market education’, (to look at 3-4 properties that are similar to  what you are looking for,  not to make an offer or buy  on any of those 4, but to learn a little about the market?

take my car

Then, when you are ready, you will know what to expect and to better clarify your wants & needs.

As well, I will leave you with a 40 page in-depth buyer manual loaded with tips and ideas, from the just looking stage to the day you move in.

There is no obligation on your part, no signing anything, just an old fashion face to face meeting that again, past clients said really helped them.

Again, we see 3 or 4 places, the idea is not to buy these but to get to know what you can buy for your money.

Again, let’s go look at a few and keep your cheque book at home!!!!!


  • No signing anything
  • No blah blah blah stuff , such as ,”we’re #1, we sell gazillions of homes, 
  • No, “I’m a miracle worker and can find your dream home for 1/2 price
  • No begging ,” Please buy from me or they are going to take away my house, kids and Mercedes!
  • No  BS 
  • No coffee, tea or lunch (if you are not bringing your chequebook, I’m not buying either!)

One thought on “Searching For London Ontario Condos To Get The Right One

  1. Hello Ty,
    We have spoken recently and you remind me of the first agents we had buying our first house many years ago. I will call them old school. Len and Joyce scoped out the properties seen them before we walked in the door and worked for us not them selves.

    We will be in touch when we are planning a trip your way.

    Mark Keating

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