Cadeau Terrace Condos in London Ontario Sales 2016

2,5,6,7,9,10,14,18 Cadeau Terrace is an  adult orientated condo community  in  Byron, Warbler Woods neighbourhood of London Ontario. Most of these one floor condominium town homes  have a double car garage and some backing on to green space.

Cadeau Terrace  Condos London Ontario

An excellent quiet location for nature lovers, golf enthusiasts and for those who travel and would like a safe upscale neighbourhood. depending on the Cadeau Terrace address, some of these are detached with walk outs.

A very well maintained area, easy access to shopping, services and downtown London located off of Commissioners Road West.

 2 Cadeau Terrace 75 Units 

5 Cadeau Terrace 48 Units 

6 Cadeau Terrace 13 Units

7 Cadeau Terrace 34 Units

9 Cadeau Terrace 39 Units

10 Cadeau Terrace 9 Units

14 Cadeau Terrace 36 Units

18 Cadeau Terrace 43 Units

These are all the condos & houses currently listed for sale on MLS in Byron.


                         Average Prices as per MLS

Address 2015  2016
2 Cadeau $289,788 $334,400
5 Cadeau $294,600 $315,000
6 Cadeau $358,900 $313,750
7 Cadeau No MLS Sales $274,250
9 Cadeau $265,000 $278,000
10 Cadeau $369,900 No MLS Sales
14 Cadeau $360,167 $330,000
18 Cadeau $314,199 $344,950

Note: When you see a large spread between the 2015 prices to 2016, there can be many reasons for such an increase or decrease from year to year. There is no question that demand and appreciation have an effect, but also condition of the property, location, updates and the motivatiion of both the seller and the buyer.

For my clients I do a detailed comparison to explain why!

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