Before Buying a Condo in London Ontario, Questions To Ask

Before buying a condo in London Ontario, be it a townhouse, townhome or an apartment condo, there are questions you may want answers to.

It’s hard to ask questions if you don’t know what to ask and if you did get answers, how do you know they are accurate?

The wisest thing that anyone can do after they have decided to buy is to research and contact the Realtor who they feel most comfortable with, who they think has the skills and the experience and whom you feel you can entrust your hard earned money!

Maybe you might want to interview two or three. Here are 11 questions you may want to make sure to ask.

And then, are they pushy, in your face types or are they going to look after you?


When you have confidence in a good Realtor, he or she will research properties on your behalf, make appointments to match your timetable, protect you in the buying and offer process and be there if any challenges come up.

Do you not think that having that type of representation would be better for you than just entrusting that binding faith with just anyone? A friend of a friend, Uncle Joe’s distant cousin who just got her license and needs some money, or your co-worker who’s husband ‘does’ real estate on the side!

Do not lose your hard earned money by entrusting it with just anyone!

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