Should I Get a Home Inspection When Buying a Condo in London Ontario?

Should you get a home inspection when buying a condo in London Ontario? I would say 90% of the time yes, however, be prudent.

Buying a home in London Ontario is most likely one of the most significant financial transactions most people will ever make. One of the ways to make the right decisions in real estate, and there are many, is to have a thorough home inspection by a well trained, qualified home inspector.

But, buyer beware! Home inspectors in Ontario are not licensed, and anybody can call themselves a home inspector!

Home inspection

What is a home inspection clause?

The home inspection clause protects buyers by giving them the right to cancel the purchase offer without forfeiting the deposit if the home inspector finds a problem or problems with the property.  Or, present the home inspection report to the seller and request either the defects be remedied or reduce the price accordingly — more about defects.

How much does a home inspection usually cost?

Home inspection prices can vary but expect to spend $350 plus. Since this is your only opportunity before closing the sale to identify any problems, this is not the time to skimp on costs or look for a “bargain” inspector.

Who do we recommend?

We have a list of inspectors we’ve used in the past, as well, a few never to use!

we use trusted home inspectors

Who will be there during the home inspection?

You and your realtor should be there, ( Not, all your uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters buddies, Joe the plumber, Mary the painter or your church minister! ) for the home inspection. Yes, a home inspector I recommend told me about a couple who came with their minister for a check to ensure the house was blessed!

The inspector will take photos and provide a detailed summary report, but you should not miss the opportunity to be there and ask questions. The inspector can point out which small repairs you can do yourself and which more massive problems may require a specialist. Some inspectors will also offer home maintenance tips as they discover areas that are in good condition now but may need attention in the future.

No home is perfect. Every home will have some minor issues revealed during a home inspection – even new construction.

In Summary:

  •  Do not look for the lowest price inspector
  • If you have trust and faith in your Realtoremploy who they can recommend.
  • Do not rush through the inspection, be there and try to have the review done in daylight!
  • Do not bring your well-meaning family members, friends or experts! Let the professional do his/her job!

A point to keep in mind: The home inspector works for you, not the Realtor, not the homeowner, not the bank or the appraiser.

Finding The Right Condo in London Ontario For Sale Takes Patience And Help

Are you spending countless hours searching the MLS or looking at old real estate magazines? Or, heaven forbid, real estate websites where it is all about the Realtor and not you?

Searching condos for sale in London Ontario

Going to Open houses and feeling pressured?

Have you missed out on some because they already have an offer or were sold before you even knew about it being for sale?

You may be missing out on some excellent properties that sell in a day or two or one priced so aggressively that it sells as soon as it comes on the market or in a specific area?

Is all that searching working for you or is that you wish to avoid a pesky or bothersome real estate person (don’t blame you)?

Or, perhaps you are curious, or you are in the ‘just thinking stage’ of real estate. Possibly to purchase or sell.

Like fashion, real estate changes quickly, people change, neighbourhoods change, real estate markets change, and the motivation of buyers and sellers change.

So how do I, as a real estate professional & problem solver help?

We view 150+ houses and condos every week. We do loads of searches daily for clients; we are continually researching properties, even For Sale By Owners.

hot property condos for sale in London Ontario


You won’t have to jump off any cliffs, scale any mountains, wrestle a crocodile, put up with a pushy real estate salesperson, cross-eyed lawyers, impotent mortgage lenders, near-sighted home inspectors, just put up with us!

A small price to pay to get what you want! Call now 519-435-1600 and start packing!

  These folks did, and they are still with us!