Condos Near Western University London Ontario

   Over the weekend, I showed some condos near Western University to 3 different groups of buyers with 3 different needs. The first were a grad couple who wanted a quiet high rise apartment condo half way between the University of Western Ontario and Victoria Hospital, a 2 bedroom and under $350,000.

University Western Ontario

The second were a couple looking for their daughter and perhaps her friend; they wanted a safe area, on a bus route and under $175,000.

The third were two brothers looking to buy a 4 bedroom condo or house for their children while attending UWO. Their request was that it had to be walking distance to Kings, a full basement and in good shape; They were willing to go up to $450,000.

Some days things work out! I successfully found, negotiated & received accepted offers on all 3 & now, the conditions kick, such as a home inspection, financing and the lawyer approval of the Status Certificate and in one case, zoning and an insurance clause.

As you can see, all clients, condos and even real estate people are different and in each case, specialized skills are required to locate, administer and oversee transactions from start to finish. Excelling at a task has immense rewards and for me it comes 3-4 years later when my clients graduate and move back to where they plan to start their careers.

Do you need a condo or house or an income property near UWO or do you have one for sale soon? If so and want a positive result, let me know.