Townhouse Condos in London Ontario Are Selling Quickly!

When thinking about selling your townhouse in London or South West Ontario, where do you start? When do you start?

How would you feel if you knew some surefire ways to prepare before selling a condo, if you knew about the timely steps to take, the questions to ask, the caveats to be aware of?

This unbiased real estate white paper will get you thinking and keep you on track before, during and after you list your condo for sale.

Here it Is!


Over the years I have helped hundreds of condo owners sell their properties and most, if not all, had fears, some had poor perceptions or even false information and all had concerns about pricing , how long will it take, what will it cost and choosing the right brokerage and representative to help.

In this report I prepared,  you will learn and read about the proven methods of getting what you want when you sell your condo in London and a few things to be cautious about and how to know and judge for yourself that the choices you are making are right for you.

Choices in Real Estate

Choosing to choose is a mantra that successful people have used for years which translates into the fact that all the results we get are from our choices!

If things go right or wrong you:

  • Chose the listing price of your condo (or you agreed to what your sales person said the price should be, but it still was your choice)
  • Chose the real estate person to represent you
  • Chose how you wished to be treated, responded to
  • Chose the condition of your condo when it is on the market, the tidiness, cleaness and upkeep


Why I Sell Condos and Do Not Just List Them, a Huge Difference !

The condos & houses we list typically sell for more and quicker than the average Realtor because of effective marketing.

We accomplish this first by doing a supply/demand analysis in the immediate area for any home we consider marketing.

All Realtors have access to the same market information; it is the valuation and experience of what that information means to the marketing of a home that matters.

X-rays mean nothing until they are evaluated by a competent physician. Similarly, knowing what the market is doing affects both the marketing time and value

Not sold yet in London

A professional champion real estate lister will not let you gamble with your largest investment of your life, will not give you false hope or convince you to take what could be a very expensive risk on your part.

A true professional will explain the pros and cons of the options available and if you choose that professional, your condo will sell for the market price in the time frame you want and you can move with confidence.

Again, choose wisely!

Once you understand these important issues, you’ll know how to price and sell your condo for the fastest, most profitable sale.  Also, with this information, you’ll never pay too much for any real estate you ever buy again for the rest of your life.

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Condos Near Western University London Ontario

   Over the weekend, I showed some condos near Western University to 3 different groups of buyers with 3 different needs. The first were a grad couple who wanted a quiet high rise apartment condo half way between the University of Western Ontario and Victoria Hospital, a 2 bedroom and under $350,000.

University Western Ontario

The second were a couple looking for their daughter and perhaps her friend; they wanted a safe area, on a bus route and under $175,000.

The third were two brothers looking to buy a 4 bedroom condo or house for their children while attending UWO. Their request was that it had to be walking distance to Kings, a full basement and in good shape; They were willing to go up to $450,000.

Some days things work out! I successfully found, negotiated & received accepted offers on all 3 & now, the conditions kick, such as a home inspection, financing and the lawyer approval of the Status Certificate and in one case, zoning and an insurance clause.

As you can see, all clients, condos and even real estate people are different and in each case, specialized skills are required to locate, administer and oversee transactions from start to finish. Excelling at a task has immense rewards and for me it comes 3-4 years later when my clients graduate and move back to where they plan to start their careers.

Do you need a condo or house or an income property near UWO or do you have one for sale soon? If so and want a positive result, let me know.